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"Love is Truffle" box"Love is Truffle" box
VanVelze's "Love is Truffle" box
Sale price€19.95
Alcoholfree Collection 16Alcoholfree Collection 16
Alcoholfree Collection 25Alcoholfree Collection 25
Alcoholfree Collection 36Alcoholfree Collection 36
Alcoholfree Collection 5Alcoholfree Collection 5
Christmas Advent CalanderChristmas Advent Calander
Christmas Selection 16Christmas Selection 16
Christmas Selection 25Christmas Selection 25
Christmas Selection 36Christmas Selection 36
Christmas Selection 5Christmas Selection 5
Dark Collection 16Dark Collection 16
Van Velze's Dark Collection 16
Sale price€27.95
Dark Collection 25Dark Collection 25
Van Velze's Dark Collection 25
Sale price€39.95
Dark Collection 36Dark Collection 36
Van Velze's Dark Collection 36
Sale price€49.95
Dark Collection 5Dark Collection 5
Van Velze's Dark Collection 5
Sale price€12.95
Dutch Truffle Gift boxDutch Truffle Gift box
VanVelze's Easter Gift box 16
Sale price€27.95
VanVelze's Easter Gift box 25
Sale price€39.95
VanVelze's Easter Gift box 36
Sale price€49.95
VanVelze's Easter Gift box 49
Sale price€69.95
VanVelze's Easter Gift box 5
Sale price€12.95
Easter Super Chicks
VanVelze's Easter Super Chicks
Sale price€15.95
Gift cardGift card
Van Velze's Gift card
Sale priceFrom €0.00
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